Visit, register and you get a blog by default.  Cool.  This was one of the easiest registrations ever: give 'em my email address, get a password via email and Log In.  Cool.

I didn't get any kind of RSS announcement though from my previous subscription.  I finally found it buried on a page:

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Thanks to Ian Dixon I was succesful in receiving my first ever Skype call tonight (from the UK no less, all the way across the big pond).  I used my Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC (which is another Get It, Use It, Love It item) with the built in speaker and microphone -- couldn't have been easier.  The fidelity was absolutely fantastic, with no 'digital lag' like I was expecting.

This tool is going to change how I stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues -- again.

Ian and Andrew are rightSean is right.  Folks at Skype: You need to have a Media Center interface for this puppy.

Visit to learn more and signup!

Cheers, Ian and thanks again!

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This is getting interesting...

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