I don't know about you, but Chris is just getting more annoying over the last few weeks. Seems like he's got a bee in his bonnet (or in his shorts). He seems bent on YELLING SO MUCH WE CAN'T HELP BUT PAY ATTENTION TO HIM. Microsoft PR must not be paying him enough attention these days, or he has figured out that stirring the Mac vs. PC pot (no matter how very tiring and, frankly old and irrelevant the argument has become) does wonders for ad revenue.

Meanwhile, Ken still hasn't gotten any help -- I posted a comment to Chris' blog asking him to put Ken in touch with me, but nada from Chris so far. I kind of find it sad that Chris is leaving him out in the cold.

Update: Chris has forwarded the offer of help to Ken but hasn't heard back. Thanks, Chris. :-)

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I was wondering if there are any computer user groups in North Carolina who would like to sit down and chat about Windows Media Center...? If there are and you'd like to get together, drop me an email at charlieo@microsoft.com and let's chat. I'll be in the Raleigh area as well at some point so could do a chat there as well.

[Update: Corrected email address. Dang it.]

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I absolutely LOVE IT when my peers get involved in community efforts. I was floored the other day when I learned Jessica Zahn (Program Manager on the Windows Media Center TV team) has her own forum over on thegreenbutton.com called Ask Jessica and it has over 200 posts, all of which she has read and a majority of which she has replied to directly. Makes my Mailbag feature here on the blog seem like the American Idol tryouts...the epitome of amateur!

She is also getting other Windows Media Center team members involved, like Noah.

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