In DVR Feature I'm Waiting For Michael Gartenberg is floating the following concept...
"What I want is to be able to start recording a series and tell the DVR to record every episode of a given season and then to sort them, not on the day they were recorded on the DVR but rather, on the day they were broadcast. The guide would be smart enough to fill in episodes as they are shown, no matter when they are shown. All this info is readily available (I can even see in most DVR guides the original broadcast date but can't sort on it.)"
My wife is a Law & Order fanatic (all flavors, SVU, CI, etc.) and she has wanted this *and* the ability to only record episodes she has not seen in the past.

I'm pretty sure both of these would be doable with our platform -- I'll have to look into this further. Maybe one of the community devs over at would like to take on this project and make Michael's dreams come true.

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Rags Gupta (who was instrumental in bringing Live365 to Online Spotlight back in the day -- how ya doin' Rags!) writes the following in DVR Feature Request - One-Click to Record Future Programs...

"I'd like to be able to click a "Remember to Record" button while the ad is playing or within some time lag after it plays and have my DVR put the advertised show on its recording schedule."

I want this too, Rags. Just the other day my wife saw an advertisement for Conviction, the new court room drama from the Law & Order folks. We went looking for it in the Media Center Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and it wasn't there because the first episode was outside the 14 day window. Now I have to remember to go looking for it at some point in the future.

Oh, and clearly there is an advertising bonus here -- imagine being able to track how many people have scheduled a DVR recording of a show in advance, then publicize the following with a movie trailer voice over...

'Over XX million viewers will be recording this show in two weeks -- will you...?'

Great idea Rags!

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