This seems really dorky to blog about, but at least 5 folks are interested so this is for them. What tipped it over the scales was this from Romland, one of our regular participants over on "Seriously, that picture is the main reason I wouldn't argue with you about anything at the Mediacenter Sandbox. It scares me."


Anywho, I hooked up the new Canon EF 50mm f1.4 lens (thanks for the tip Thomas) and went out on the porch and had my wife shoot about 30 shots, then sit down with me to pick a good one. Without further adieu, here it is (and already posted to our discussion alias and Channel9)...

And here were the runner ups (for funsies).


You should have seen the other rejects -- those were truly scary. :-)

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W3bbo and alwaysmc2 over in a Channel9 forum post both think the picture I use online could use some work...

W3bbo: "Your avatar is genuinely scary."

alwaysmc2: "It's your mix between crazed and really, really happy expression that makes it scary."

So, here is the picture -- I don't think it's *that* scary, and as I told those guys, it's the face I was born with.

What do you think? Time to get a fresh picture to use online? Got any recommendations about which direction I should go (artsy, playful, avant garde, folksy)?

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Go check out comment number 80 at,guid,d792aa21-7b6e-4f0f-acab-76cae5e3bbe5.aspx#commentstart. My favorite quote...

"Everything to everybody will end up being no good to everybody instead."


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On the back of their subwoofer KSW10 is a level dial -- the numbers go to 11.

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A good friend shared this experience today.  I believe Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour fellers could turn this into a 'You might be a redneck if...'

Yesterday we had a job fair at work trying to fill some slots for a new branch.  One of our human resource folks told me about an interview she had that morning.  She was telling the applicant an important element of being a teller is sales.  The girl replied 'Oh, I don't think I've sold anything since trying to sell pot in high school.'

My friends conclusion: If you wouldn't have told your parents about it in high school, then it probably isn't a good topic to cover in a job interview.

Keep that in mind if you ever interview with Microsoft. :-)

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