I have to admit I'm a pretty big fan of Disney's 'High School Musical' and 'High School Musical 2' made for TV movies and soundtracks. Here is why...

  • It's good, squeaky clean fun I can safely watch with my children harkening back to the golden years of family friendly fare from Disney like Mary Poppins and The Absent Minded Professor. No sexual innuendo, no evil, no violence, no foul language -- and bathing suit / clothing more modest than what you would find in Beach Blanket Bingo.
  • Catchy tunes with clean lyrics and something for everyone. Pop, hip hop, ballads and latin influences abound -- with nods to contemporary artists (Fergie, Nelly Furtado) and old school musical fare (Rodgers & Hammerstein) alike. The music is pure sugary sweetness, but with a nice groove -- danceable and singable through and through. There is nothing better than music the whole family can belt out during a car ride.
  • The group choreography is awesome -- you can tell the cast (which includes one of the primary choreographers) really had fun making the movie. Interestingly enough, Kenny Ortega also choreographed Dirty Dancing -- what a contrast! Even more fun is watching mom and dad trying to keep up with the kids whilst trying to duplicate.
  • Zero teen angst. Basically, it's how we really hope our children will turn out when they grow to this age.
  • Story lines which get tied up in nice packages with bows on top. I'm a sucker for movies which end on a positive note and where everything turns out just great for everyone -- these don't disappoint in that department.
  • It's reinvigorating the high school musical (no pun intended). I performed in 'You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown' and 'The Sound of Music' in high school productions. What I wouldn't have given to have a very contemporary piece instead. Mind you, those shows are classic -- but exactly that -- classic. Unless you are a theater geek already they won't really draw you in. Luckily, many local theater groups are doing High School Musical -- I'll be attending one put together by Seattle Children's Theater with my childre. I would say these are almost certainly this generations 'Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' or 'Grease'.

If you are a parent of kids this is a must have!

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