My good friend Michael Patten, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Movie Maker team is now blogging over at Michael will be planning 'to focus on Movie Maker, Encoder and Windows Media Center.  I also plan on including lots of videos and screen captures.'


He got a very positive response a couple of weeks ago when I posted Movie Maker Team Thinking About Blogging.

A bit of history: Michael was the PM for the Windows Media Series 9 Encoder (which I believe is still the current version) and we collaborated 'back in the day' on the Visual Basic.NET Batch Encoding sample for the Windows Media Encoder SDK (I still use it occasionally). I was the developer on the project -- it was something like a six week turnaround if I recall, from the ground up -- lot's of late nights / early mornings, but WAY fun. Needless to say, I had the good fortune of being able to cut my teeth in product development with him. Ultimately, this encounter led me to a deeper involvement with the Windows Media Center team and moving to Seattle area.

So, welcome to the blogosphere, Michael -- I'm going to enjoy learning more about Movie Maker!

P.S. I used Movie Maker to capture and create the movie of the Q app in action tonight. :-)

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I just presented to some friends on the Movie Maker team. Anybody out here who would be interested in hearing from them? Leave a comment.

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