At the geek dinner the other night and in a subsequent conversation with Scott Hanselman it was noted that many people probably have Windows Media Center but don't realize they do. If you have Windows Home Premium or Windows Ultimate then Windows Media Center is ready and waiting for you to give it a try. If you didn't get a tuner with yours, Adam Pash has a post over on LifeHacker titled Turn Your Windows PC into a Media Center Powerhouse On the Cheap which has some details on how to remedy -- and the comments are filled with good information as well.

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I'll confess I didn't know much about European TV standards until I listened to Ian Dixon interview Rathe Hollingum from our Ireland developer team. According to that show, there are no DVB-S or DVB-S2 tuner cards which record directly from those sources available today. What you *can* do today (which Rathe points out) is to use a DVB-S(2) set top box and infrared control cable. For more information check out and There is a lot of good information in the podcast above about support of European TV standards -- give a listen if you are interested in this space.

P.S. Congrats to Ian on 100 shows -- you ROCK!!!

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Zack over on the Snapstream blog: Project Hoover: Suck up every TV show in the new fall season, be your own TV critic

I kind of wish we had a way to build Godzilla -- an 11 tuner Media Center PC (but understand why we don't). I'm glad Beyond TV is around to be able to go where we don't (after all, it runs on Windows too).

Check out his synopses on the coming fall TV lineup at the end of the post -- it might help you make good choices on what to record with your single, dual or quad tuner Media Center setup.

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