The developer of Galleon, one of the more popular TiVO Home Media Engine (HME) applications has decided to cut back on the amount of time he spends on continued development...

"So, I’m sad to announce that I’ve decided to reduce my development efforts on the project. I might still release some bug fixes, but these won’t be as frequent as the releases in the past. I also don’t have any plans on adding any additional functionality to Galleon. I’ve decided to rather spend my time on other interesting technologies and open source projects."

I wonder if he is looking at the Media Center platform as one of the other interesting technologies? We are always looking for talented folks to poke and prod our SDK and APIs.

I certainly understand what TiVO is going through with it's platform -- it's tough supporting the enthusiast developer -- as our platform grows in popularity I find it harder to spend time in the enthusiast community. Luckily, folks out there do take the time to ping me and remind me to check in more often.

I sincerely hope TiVO can get back on track with it's platform momentum -- it helps all of us raise awareness of the opportunities with a digital home.

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