Zack over on the Snapstream blog: Project Hoover: Suck up every TV show in the new fall season, be your own TV critic

I kind of wish we had a way to build Godzilla -- an 11 tuner Media Center PC (but understand why we don't). I'm glad Beyond TV is around to be able to go where we don't (after all, it runs on Windows too).

Check out his synopses on the coming fall TV lineup at the end of the post -- it might help you make good choices on what to record with your single, dual or quad tuner Media Center setup.

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Bill Linzbach (a fellow NASCAR fan here on the west coast) was complaining of a headache, so I decided to cheer him up.  I thought he was taking pictures with his new camera -- boy, was I wrong...

Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose

So, does this rank up there with Star Wars Kid or Steve Ballmers Developer! Developer! Developer!...?

And before you ask, I don't do bachelorette parties...

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