Our current hosting provider has us on a shared server which has an IP address blacklisted by several of the anti-spam folks. Yuck. Therefore none of the email sent by this server is getting through to most people. That's not good. It's also gone offline more than I would prefer. But I guess we've gotten enough bang for our buck at $19.95 per month -- but sense those dollars should be able to give us a bit more.

So, I'm on the lookout for a great hosting provider who can provide a solution which supports at least the following in addition to the regular web site hosting...

DASBlog 1.9

Community Server (Personal or Standard Edition)

SQL Server (for Community Server and other stuff)

The sites which would be hosted include...

http://www.retrosight.com, http://blog.retrosight.com, http://www.mediacentersandbox.com, http://blog.mediacentersandbox.com, http://discuss.mediacentersandbox.com and http://play.mediacentersandbox.com.

Please leave your recommendations in the comments, or drop me a line at charlieo@microsoft.com if you are a hosting provider and have a great solution.

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