I’m comfortably settled in to my new office here in building 40 with the Silverlight team and spent my first morning installing Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Beta 2, the Silverlight 4 Tools and watching a couple of videos from PDC to help with the deep dive ramp up. I enjoyed Microsoft Silverlight 4 Overview (I sit across the hall from Karen), Improving and Extending the Sandbox with Microsoft Silverlight 4 (Joe is my Grandmanager) and Building Line of Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 4 (by David Poll). This afternoon I’ve been playing with some of the new ‘stuff’ and thinking about what I might create as a first application (the new drag and drop capabilities, RichTextArea and HTML capabilities are very interesting).

While the designer features in Visual Studio are nice I’m feeling relatively comfortable writing and reading the raw XAML and wiring up events so I’m just going to stick with that approach for a while to learn the nuances of the markup. I’m actually surprised I like hand editing this much -- but I guess all of those years writing Media Center Markup Language (MCML) has me conditioned to doing so!

My focus on the Silverlight team will be media – a fairly broad subject but one I really, really enjoy and is quite deep. It’s now time to begin meeting Silverlight developers so I can understand what you folks would like to see in the platform – leave a comment with your feedback and tell me what you’d like to see in the future, especially if it is in the media realm.

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