Chris Lanier, once he has actually played with the new Zune devices and software, will end up loving them. I was lucky enough to get to play with one of the new Zune 80 devices a couple of weeks back and the ZunePad is absolutely brilliant (not sure how much I can say about how it works -- but trust me, you will think it's pretty cool -- the wife acceptance factor takes a HUGE leap over the iPod clickwheel - nuff said I think). Likewise, the software is wonderful -- many of the same crew who have worked on Windows Media Center (design, usability, engineering) had a big hand in bringing a fresh, new experience to life.

On a related note, Michael Gartenberg doesn't really appreciate the candid and earnest opinion of Bill Gates about Zune. Don't get me wrong, the Steve Jobs reality distortion field is nice and comfy -- but doesn't really tell the whole story about their products.

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