My brother Evan has taken up the blogging mantle and is posting about the trade show industry, displays in particular. His most recent post includes popular references geeks will grok: Star Wars and Star Trek.

Check it out at

Hopefully my link to his blog will give him the first bit of Google / Yahoo / MSN Search juice, which is mui importante to marketing a product. :-)

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I went to fill up the gas tank in the truck the other day for nearly $70, and the tank wasn't competely empty. At $3+ per gallon it's looking more and more attractive to ride a bike to work. It saves on wear and tear on the vehicle, plus it's good for the whole cardio vascular thing, and good for the environment (unless I eat bean burritos for lunch). It's about 9.4 miles door to door, so I think it can be done in under an hour.

There is also the combo mass transit + bike which might help me ease into the rhythm. I'm thinking I would pretty much suck wind and be worthless at work if I tried to make the trip today -- I'll admit I'm horribly out of shape.

Can anyone recommend a good bicycle shop in / around the Eastside area...?

Oh, and if you happen to have a touring / commuter bike appropriate for a 6'3" male (58-59 cm frame size) you aren't using, give me a shout -- I might be interested.

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