One of my favorite bloggers, Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror fame has just posted Building Your Own Home Theater PC. Adding to his numbers, if you add a SilverStone case ($100), Seagate 500GB SATA drive ($110) (both from as are Jeff's components) and you've got yourself a pretty nice HTPC for around $460 sans the operating system and tuner card(s) of your choice. Anybody remember the days when a single tuner Windows Media Center box first came out for $2,500 and was OEM only?

My, how times have changed. :-)

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Once upon a time I played drums every weekend -- back before children and looming college educations. They've been sadly packaged up in a corner of our garage since we moved to the Pacific Northwest close to four years ago -- so, I've decided to put them up for sale. If you are in the market for a nice, quality set of Roland VDrums (including the fantastic PM-3 monitor system) head over to Craigslist and check it out.

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If you'd like to meet up and chat about Windows Media Center let me know at I'm meeting with our Windows Media Center MVPs one day next week as part of the regular sessions but don't want to miss anyone who wants to talk about Windows Media Center or our platform. I'm going to clear my calendar as much as possible next week to make myself available -- drop me a line. :-)

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