Back in January I explained I was going to step back a good bit from blogging. Since that time I've been reading an incredible amount of what you folks write in your blogs (both in posts and comments on those posts). In other words, I've tried to do a lot more listening and a lot less talking. Every once in a while, if I feel like I have something worthwhile to share I'll leave a comment on your blogs myself. The most recent example is a conversation happening over on Chris Lanier's blog at Has Media Center Been a “Miss” for Microsoft?

Recently, I've been thinking about writing more but then reality came like a bucket of cold water during a nice hot shower. A commenter on the aforementioned Chris Lanier post who goes by the pseudonym of 'Wuss' summed up his comment with...

"You should shut the f up."

Now, I know you must have a thick skin to be out here posting and sharing your thoughts and opinions -- but I'd really like to not be a lightning rod for folks. I personally find comments like this initially entertaining and humorous. But shortly thereafter find them unsavory for family and friends to discover because this sort of response is now inextricably linked to me. Generally speaking, this is not the type of reaction I want to elicit from folks.

You tell me -- is it worth the effort to put up with the tripe from folks like 'Wuss'...?

Leave your encouragement (or discouragement) in the comments -- I'll read and carefully consider each and every one of them.

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My friend Thomas Hawk is going to be visiting Seattle on July 11 for a Photowalk that starts at Pike Market -- visit his blog post at for all of the details. I love his shot of the Pike Market sign -- very unique -- wish I had thought of that one! My own shots in and around the metro area are located in this Seattle photoset at Flickr.

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