Just a short little note to let those who follow my blog know I'm moving to the Server & Tools Online (STO) organization here at Microsoft. These folks run great developer focused sites like http://msdn.com and http://technet.com (the two places where I expect to be spending a good chunk of my time) as well as http://codeplex.com, http://connect.microsoft.com, http://asp.net, http://silverlight.net and 100+ other destinations. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to contribute in this space.

One of the question which might be raised in response to this news might be...

How does this affect your involvement with the Windows Media Center online community?

I believe the answer is 'not much'.

One of the reasons I joined the Windows Media Center team was because my family could use it every day in our home. I expect this will continue for a long time to come because nothing...and I mean nothing...compares to the power, flexibility, feature set and value provided by Windows Media Center -- both in end user features AND developer oriented platform features.

Case in point...

Once I made the decision to join the new team my wife asked me this in regards to all the Windows Media Center goodness we have in our home: "Does this mean we have to give all of this back?"

"Nope. Anyone can enjoy this stuff, not just those folks on the product team."

And she smiled. :-)

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We just posted the release candidate of the Windows Media Center Software Development Kit 6.0 for Windows 7 – same url as the beta release:

[Hyperlink Removed] The RC release has been superseded by the RTM release. Visit this post for the download location.

You can leave feedback here or chat about it over at http://discuss.mediacentersandbox.com.

Note to developers: For all intents and purposes we are done with Windows 7 – if you want to report issues (application compatibility or otherwise) you should immediately grab the Windows 7 Release Candidate and this SDK and test, test, test – last call! :-)

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