On a recent family vacation we went horseback riding near West Yellowstone, Montana. It was a gorgeous day and I got a few shots I really liked – click thru to see larger versions or the unedited others in the set. If you are interested in a trip yourself we went riding with Diamond P Ranch – excellent hosts!

Adrienne DeLiso of Troutwater Gallery is on hand to get so great photos at the start of your ride.

Aluminum Horse And Spyglass

She does a great job capturing your group, editing some to give them an ‘old west’ flavor.

City Slicker

On the right in this picture is our guide, Dirk Moore, chatting with the group after we leave the corral.


If you wonder why they call Montana the ‘Big Sky’ country, this is why…

Nothing But Blue Sky

Towards the end of the ride coming down a beautiful wildflower meadow.

The Meadow and Mountains

I forget what type of horse Dirk was riding but he was stunning.

Watching The Herd

Postcard perfect…

Wide Open Spaces

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